New Meta: Smite with Ap Ezreal

Midlane Ezreal smite and flash has become dominant, upping his winrate with smite to smite. This jump is one of the most significant increases I’ve ever seen in one patch, and I’m liking the creativity involved in making it work. Time will tell us with certainty what works best, but honestly most of the same items […]

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New Champ (Tahm Kench)

Tahm Kench makes for a fine support thanks to his ability to save his adc(Attack Damage Carry) from ending up dead. Once he’s wobbled into lane, his main role is to stick with his lane buddy, making sure they’re safe and able to get gold at will. If the enemy manages to slow or stun his ally, Tahm […]

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HUMOR IN LEAGUE League’s a game, and games are supposed to be fun. Take a break from your stress and check out some of these funny posts below! TheOddOne’s original viral comments on Ezreal. This point, it’s starting to seem like he’s saying these things just for the entertainment value. Either way, I’ve compiled a list […]

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Official Patch 5.13 Notes Released

Check out the newest patch notes! This set includes relatively few champion changes, but instead has exciting new developments in the jungle by way of Devourer. Check out this quick summary and details below! Summary: Buffs: Ekko, Kayle, Singed, Thresh; Nerfs: Jayce, Nautilus, Rek’Sai, Xin Zhao; Tweaks: Kalista; Patch 5.13 notes BY PWYFF AND SCARIZARD […]

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