Deal with the negative player on league

When it comes to online gaming, we get link to people anonymously and randomly thru the MMR(match making rank), few are really abusive when it comes to a team fights  in every time you queue up for a game. From school kids to an adult, it’s hard to remember that all members are human beings on the other end of the line.
As a result, the competitive spirit of League often brings out the worst in people. How do you prevent or diminish from these negative players?

The AFK (Away From Keyboard)

A classic in League of Legends and online games in general, some players simply aren’t in the game.

There are two types of AFKs:

  • Accidental AFK and fake AFK

Accidental AFK – results from an emergency or power supply cut out.

Solution: Ignore it, do the best you can, and wait for them to get reconnected

Luckily, league actually has a strong “catch-up” mechanism that allows players that are behind on leveling, to level up quickly.

 Fake AFK – That guy spamming the entire game. These are more difficult to deal with.

Solution: Ignore them if they’re naging, or apologize to them on the things that made they wanna spam the game.

The Smurf

The smurf is either a liar or a true smurf. This means they’re either desperate enough to lie to get a specific role, or plan on crushing the enemy team with the champion they have in mind.

Solution: I’d generally lean towards just giving them what they want. It’s likely their best role, even if they’re lying about being a smurf. Don’t be too disappointed if they’re lying, and mute them if they start raging.

The Feeder

Feeders make life difficult by either being dead all the time on the team, or simply giving the enemy team too much gold.

Solution: Request feeders to split push in order to catch up. If enemy teams converge to kill them, you’re better off as that player is probably worth no gold at this point.

The Surrender Spammer

Some people like to start spamming surrender from 20 minutes onwards, sometimes right in the middle of a teamfight. This leads to general negative thoughts all around, especially if it’s combined with some whining.

Solution: Ignore it, hit no, and say “let’s play for late game”

 If any of the above isn’t covered.

And the emperor must be kept happy. Like so, they’re playing poorly and still require massive amounts of attention, muting works just as well.


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