New Champ (Tahm Kench)

Tahm Kench makes for a fine support thanks to his ability to save his adc(Attack Damage Carry) from ending up dead. Once he’s wobbled into lane, his main role is to stick with his lane buddy, making sure they’re safe and able to get gold at will. If the enemy manages to slow or stun his ally, Tahm Kench simply Devours them before heading to safety. The effect lasts longer than most crowd control abilities, so even if the enemy team manages to land a perfect catch on the River King’s marksman, Tahm Kench effectively cleanses it before repositioning somewhere safer. What’s more, should he end up on the receiving end of enemy attacks as he goes away, Thick Skin’s passive offers him plenty of regenerative support. Finally, even if the enemy team commits to trading in lane, Tahm Kench can turn his attention to the enemy damage dealer, slathering them up with his passive before Devouring them to create a super powerful ability in a two vs one scenario.

His versatility really shines in ganks, too.


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