Lucian, nothing batter than Graves


Most Marksmen or Adc’s have their identities. Ashe has her permaslow, Kalista has her kitability, Sivir has her initiation, Tristana has resets, Vayne has stealthy assassination and so on. Lucian used to have an unique blend of kitability and burst. Not anymore. I think he needs to have something that comes to mind when we ask “what makes Lucian a formidable opponent?” “a worthy pick”… in my opinion, currently, it’s nothing

1)Since the slow removal from his dash was gutted, it became Graves’ dash with no uniqueness

2)Graves’ ult is much more reliable than the Lucian’s. While the damage has a lot of burst, Lucian is lucky if a couple hits poke to the enemy

3)Lucian’s W speed up is underwhelming. Even when he’s using his ultimate on a marked enemy, the Culling is unreliable and currently pokes the enemy. Graves has a vision radius reduction on the contrary and a slow

People are saying he has an identity in being “versatile” or “being good at all stages of the game.” While this argument has its merits, it’s simply not accurate. These are things he used to be. He has gone through way too many nerfs. With every AD carry except for him, I can honestly think of something that makes them strong. No, he’s not balanced. He doesn’t need too many buffs, but he needs to be better than graves at something


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