New Meta: Smite with Ap Ezreal

Midlane Ezreal smite and flash has become dominant, upping his winrate with smite to smite. This jump is one of the most significant increases I’ve ever seen in one patch, and I’m liking the creativity involved in making it work.


Time will tell us with certainty what works best, but honestly most of the same items on AP Ezreal are the same. You would just switch Lich Bane Lich_Bane_itemwith RuneglaiveRanger's_Trailblazer_(Magus)_item. I would recommend getting Runeglaive early to help with its overall synergy with his kit.

Please, for once Riot, don’t nerf just because this is an unexpected change. He’s not overly broken, he’s just now actually worthwhile.

I’m impressed with this change and the fact that it makes Ezreal viable but notbroken in the midlane. As one of the most popular and, in my opinion, fun champions to play, I’m hoping that Riot sees this as an unexpected success that doesn’t need to be fixed with anything too drastic.


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